Hoping to Go Left, But PLANNING For it to Turn Out Right

There is something about a blog post outlining your creative goals that makes a plan go awry. Maybe my creative plans are way too elaborate or maybe I’m just terrible with the discipline it takes to accomplish these elaborate goals.

There was that one time I created that 101 things in 1001 days action list. With 100+ things to accomplish in several years it seemed attainable. Somewhere in the middle some of my interest in some of the tasks waned and I lost steam.

Oh, and how about the time I announced that I would do a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan)? I picked one of those wardrobe patterns that looked cool, but not something I would really wear so that got tossed to the side.

Then there was last summer’s Design Your Wardrobe series. I was ready then insert a pandemic loaded with stress, isolation, and worry to suck away all of my creative motivation. Well people, either I am sucker for punishment or I’m very persistent because I’m back at it again.

I planned to keep these “goals” to myself, but after a bit of convincing and encouragement I’m sharing a plan. It follows a modified Sigma 21 plan which I learned from a friend’s post. I’m not in the Ravelry group to link there, but she has the link and explanation in her post. To be honest, formatting my creative plans in this way is a little less ambitious that what I originally came up with for my creative yearly goals, so maybe I’m on to something. It’s enough to make it challenging, but not so much outside of things I don’t normally do in my creative life. So here it goes!

1 – Year of periodically purging creative items that no longer serve me. I’ve already pulled out tons of fabric and patterns that must go, even a few old handknits, but I’m trying to keep up this purging energy throughout the year with my other creative outlets.

2 – Drafted Patterns. This is the year of trying out different methods of drafting my own lingerie patterns. I started a pair of boy shorts yesterday, so we are on track.

3 – Hand knits. Socks, sweaters, shawls. No pressure to knit any particular item.

4 – New Creative Challenges: Soldering, Enameling, Fabric Dyes, Cheesemaking. I’ve dabbled in 3 of these over the years, I would like to dive back into these a little bit.

5 – Paper Flowers. The creative outlet that got me through the early months of 2020 was making paper flowers. It was very calming to cut and glue paper together. I’m also pretty terrible and caring for indoor plants and these are pretty without the maintenance.

6 – Online Classes. Craftsy, Sew Ed, something Live. Lifelong learning!

7 – Books to read this year. I hope I can finish a lot more than 7, but no pressure. I’m just getting back to regular reading.

8 – Non-intimate sewing projects. Bags, Clothes, Housewares. Also I perfect opportunity to revisit the Design Your Wardrobe Challenge.

9 – Earring Designs. Play with beads to create my favorite accessory.

10 – Bakes. I love baking and I do it often, but let’s throw in some bread and French Baking to kick things up a notch or ten.

11 – Intimate Garments. Bras, undies, and how about a bodysuit?

I think I set up my plan to be less restrictive this time around. Not too many specifics so if it goes left, that’s okay. However, these are all activities that I engage in regularly organized into a plan format. Am I on to something here?

Leaving you with some of the lovely paper flowers that helped me process the past year. I even won a photo challenge with these flowers that scored me some free tea!

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